Consequences of announcing “I’m getting a divorce.”

Disclaimer: this blog is intended to be light-hearted, but at the same time, if you’re one of the men I refer to in my blog, take it seriously. Seriously.

What is it about getting divorced that causes unwanted stalkers and men who want to hit on you and take advantage of your poor little broken heart to come out of the woodwork?

I mean, come on… just because I announce, “I’m getting divorced” does NOT mean I am announcing any of the following:

  • I’m available.
  • I’m interested in randomly hooking up with men.
  • I want to be asked out.
  • I am emotionally vulnerable and want someone to rescue me from singlehood RIGHT NOW!

In the past few weeks, since sharing my divorce news with my friends, family, and Facebook/MySpace world, I’ve been repeatedly approached by men (virtually or in person) who want to flirt, ask me out, etc.

I do NOT–I repeat–do NOT want any unwanted attention right now. I’m slightly busy… dealing with a divorce, starting a new job, and also handling the reality of my dad being diagnosed with cancer recently.

I am pretty sure I have enough on my plate without throwing anything else into the mix.

I’ve also decided to not date for one year. So just fyi, don’t set me up with anyone. Don’t even try. Don’t suggest some single guy who would be perfect for me. Don’t invite me to any events where guys might hit on me.

Bethany is unavailable.

Got it?

Good. Now I can get back to taking care of myself and enjoying my life :).

4 thoughts on “Consequences of announcing “I’m getting a divorce.”

  1. pettycure says:

    this is good. I fear for the World of ladies if the day comes that i’m ever single, i’ll have to get into a witness protection program. Hopefully, God willing, that never happens. 🙂


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