The year of the tiger, month 2

If you didn’t read my previous post, “The year of the tiger,” this one won’t make much sense.

I feel I should report on my fearlessness project–for my own sense of accountability to myself. And for your amusement…

Fearless steps I’ve taken:

  • Finalized divorce #2.
  • Made my first sale and referral at my new job.
  • Rode in a limo for the first time.
  • Told someone I trust them. And meant it. Completely.
  • Got my second tattoo.
  • Let my sister/photographer do a photo shoot of nothing but me for the first time.
  • Dyed my hair darker than ever before.
  • Gave myself permission to change my mind.

Hope some of you are being brave right along with me, whatever that means for you. It feels good. Really good.

One thought on “The year of the tiger, month 2

  1. Henry says:

    Good for you, Bethany! I firmly believe that we should all live in the “now” because tomorrow is no guarantee. Hmm… I’ve always wanted to OWN a limo. I’ll have to try that out. good for you!


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