Just pet me while I eat

Ever since my cat Beijing died in October, my other male cat Shao Hou has sort of relied on me to become his new friend. It took me a while to catch on to what was happening. He started crying more. He’d beg for me to get out of bed more often in the middle of the night. I mistakenly thought he wanted outside (like tonight, at 3:17 a.m.). He didn’t. He just wanted me to follow him to his food bowl, add a little more food, and then pet him for a minute while he ate.

I know, it’d kind of ridiculous. Nobody does that for me. Nobody follows me to the kitchen when I’m hungry and stands around with me while I scoop out some ice cream and talks to me about nothing and then curls up with me under a blanket and plays on Facebook while I eat it.

But I can’t say that doesn’t sound nice.

And that’s what Shao Hou misses. So I give it to him. . . Call me self-indulgent :). But I feel sorry for him. Or maybe for me. I know he misses his missing cat friend and just wants me to be the pathetic replacement. Sometimes, he even begs me to follow him around the yard and the woods and just walk around with him. It makes me feel like a total weirdo. Like what am I doing, really? I’m walking around the woods with a CAT!!! But it makes him happy.

There was once a man who, during a time when I was spending a whole lot of time by myself, spent one night with me. He was pretty fun to be with. Kind of artsy. Still manly though. I remember he kept telling me how good I smelled. And touched my skin a lot. And held me a lot.

It’s not like I needed him to move in with me to make me feel better permanently or to take all my problems away or change my world or something. Sometimes you just need a reminder that there’s somebody out there who wants to spend a few seconds with you and who thinks you’re worth spending a few seconds with. Sometimes you just want somebody to walk around the woods with you at night. If you’re my cat, sometimes you just want someone to pet you while you eat. 🙂

One thought on “Just pet me while I eat

  1. Amanda says:

    My cats follow me everywhere, and when i say that i mean everywhere! Even the bathroom lol if i go take a shower or do my business, they just have to be with me all the time. I mean yeah they have their moments where they want to be alone, but thats what i love about cats, they are so much like humans. You can relate to them so easily. I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your cat, i too lost a cat last year. She was so cranky but a big softy at heart.

    I wish i had someone to come pet me while i eat hehe but yes i do know what you mean, sometimes you just need someone to be there for you just to remind you that your special.


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