One egg, over medium

This morning, I haven’t spoken a word so far since I rolled out of bed at 8 a.m. I spent a while in bed before deciding to get up. I have a gigantic, amazing, luxurious king-size bed. It might be a little much for one person. I’m not giving it up. Ever. I finally succumbed to the cooler temperatures of the air in my house and put on my slippers to let my hungry cat Shao Hou in after his time gallivanting in the woods. I ground up coffee beans and made coffee. I checked my email and browsed Facebook. I did some daily reading and reflected on that. I checked my bank statement. I started creating a monthly newsletter I serve as the editor for on a voluntary basis.

After an hour’s worth of newsletter writing and editing, I decided food would go well with coffee.

I fried up one egg, over medium, in a skillet on the stove. The only sounds in my house all morning have been my washing machine running, an egg frying up in a pan, my coffee percolating, and my cat meowing. Oh, and the keyboard… I type fast, so there’s also the sound of the keys pounding away…

Last night, I spent some time with a good friend of mine. This friend has become almost like a surrogate father to me, but not in the sense of someone who gives me unsolicited annoying advice or anything like that. He’s still in the friend realm, but he’s older and wiser enough to be someone I feel I can trust and feel safe with.

This friend once spent a considerable length of time living the single life. By “the single life,” I don’t mean living it up, partying, having lots of sex, and dating lots of women. I mean living alone, focusing on himself and what he wanted, growing as a person emotionally and spiritually, and becoming a better person. And he says that time was the best time of his life. He also says that over the course of that time, he became more and more okay with being by himself.

I’m finding that to be true for myself as well.

There are mornings like these when I find that I have everything I want and need.

After I fried my egg and covered it in freshly ground salt and pepper, I carried it to the front porch with my coffee. I sat there in the sun and positioned myself so that I could watch my neighbor’s horses eating their own breakfast. I happened to turn my head the other direction, away from my intended view, and saw something that took my breath away that I know God put there for me this morning. Something that’s been a way He’s communicated to me through nature for about 12 years now.

I have everything I want.

I have everything I need.

10 thoughts on “One egg, over medium

  1. Henry says:

    I am so happy with the love of my life, but I had the very great opportunity of house sitting in somebodys house for a whole week..and it got me away from the everyday routine that has become my life. It gave me a chance to self-reflect, to organize, and redirect where my life is going and my goals. I feel like a more focused man. It’s a great feeling. (and their 52″ big screen tv didn’t hurt the matters, either).

    back in my “single” days i was always told that if you love yourself then others will. And just like somebody told me back in the day and i’ll tell you now,”Believe me, You don’t have anything to worry about. Just be yourself.”



  2. Julie says:

    The “father figure” is pretty funny, I must admit. But I’m glad you have someone safe that will share their experience with you. He’s pretty good at that, actually. Your writing is beautiful, by the way.


  3. Rick says:

    Hey, hey – Easy on the father figure stuff – If you saw me in a onesy I bet you wouldn’t say that! Of course, that could be another plan that might go terribly wrong. I have a vision of you considering me as a grandfather figure. At any rate, I prefer to think of myself as MISSOWAY – This is an Indian word that means Mature In a Studly Sort Of Way.
    Ain’t feeling like you’ve got every thing you need and even want a grand place to be? While my experience is that it is often pretty transitory, it makes it so much less necessary to flail against the world – trying to get more (or less) of this, that, or them. Even transitory glimpses lead us to thinking maybe this whole thing really is an inside job. BTW, have I told you lately that I think you’re swell?


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