My big old heart

The first thing that reminded me of my age Friday night was the fact that every person under the age of 25 looked at me a little strangely when I walked up to the football field carrying my bright blue Snuggie under my arm.

The second age indicator for me that night was the soreness that resulted from sitting on bleachers for a few hours. I mean REAL soreness.

Thirdly, I noticed that the cheerleaders’ skirts were completely straight with no cute little pleats. Also, there were no spirit fingers at the game. What’s cheerleading without spirit fingers?

Lastly, I realized that I was watching Liz, my former stepdaughter, cheering her cute little heart out on the senior high cheerleading squad. This is the same Liz who shivered after climbing out of the swimming pool at her niece Kaitlin’s birthday party when she was three years old, letting me wrap her up like a caterpillar in a beach towel caccoon. The same Liz who wrote the Tooth Fairy a letter after losing her first tooth. The same Liz who I taught to make macaroni and cheese and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. This is the same Liz who caused me to cry when she walked into middle school for the first time, wearing the bravest face.

And there she was Friday night, in all her 5’10” glory, looking beautiful and precious (of course), amazing me with her talent and amusing me with her consistent sense of humor.

I’m definitely officially old.

The thing is, I don’t mind. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity to sit still and watch someone who is irreplaceable in my life for over three hours. Every time she looked at me and smiled, I felt the same way I felt watching her do Tae Kwon Do in elementary school. Proud to the point of tears.

Getting old isn’t so bad. With every year that passes, the love in my life just grows a little larger.


7 thoughts on “My big old heart

  1. Henry says:

    Great post, very touching. I also feel like i’m getting older sometime the person i babysat when they were 2 years old just friended me on facebook and they’re about 17 now…WOW that hit me hard. I think we almost quialify for medicare now 😉


  2. lbsulek says:

    That was beautiful. 🙂
    She’s a very lucky lady to have you in her love and that you care as much as you do. It’s glad that you broke the “Wicked Stepmother” stereotype and still stayed in contact over the years.
    You’re probably one of the most wonderful people I know and you’re a great role model. I’m glad that I know you.
    I love you tons and miss you! I can’t wait for you and Neil to meet each other as well!


    1. bethany says:

      🙂 The wicked stepmom thing made me laugh!!
      I’m grateful we’ve kept in touch, too. She is seriously awesome.
      And thank you–and right back at you. I’m so grateful for the people God’s put in my life. It’s crazy when you realize how much goodness there is all over the place.
      And I miss you, love you, and I want to meet your husband, too!


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