I wrote this today for the other blog I manage, “Daily dose of gratitude,” but I thought the folks who read my personal blog might like it, too. Subsistence living has become a big part of who I am today, and this might surprise those of you who’ve known me for a long time.

Gratitude Cup

Last night, as I told my friend Alison (who is an amazing pastry chef) that I’d just eaten trout from the White River, caught this summer, and mashed turnips from a local farmer’s land, she commented that I was a locavore.

I’d never heard the term before, so I did what all of us do when we hear new terms–Googled it. I found this definition:

A locavore is a person interested in eating food that is locally produced, not moved long distances to market. The locavore movement in the United States and elsewhere was spawned as interest in sustainability and Eco-consciousness became more prevalent.

This  is true about me now. However, the reasons for my locavore-ness might surprise you. I’m not what I’d consider an environmentalist. I don’t even recycle at home. I don’t visit the farmer’s market, carry my own grocery bags around, or eat all organic foods.


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