This post I wrote for my Daily Dose of Gratitude blog might help someone in that same boat I found myself in so I thought I’d share it with all of you, too.

Gratitude Cup

After a decade of two failed marriages, a whole lot of enabling and rescuing by yours truly, and poor financial decision making, I found myself in the same sad boat as many people do in America–I’d planned my mortgage, bills, and expenditures based on two decent incomes, and suddenly I found myself with one. Even though I made more and more money as time went on, I found myself on a tighter budget than ever before and wound up filing bankruptcy after foreclosing on my house. I decided then that I wanted things in my bank account–not to mention the rest of my life–to permanently change. I wanted to ensure that I’d never wind up paddling upstream again.

But how?

I thought I was already pinching pennies, and at times, I was. The problem was I’d go for six months without spending money on myself, and then when I got…

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    1. bethany says:

      Thanks Tony-that’s a great quote which I might have to reuse later :). The Bible talks a lot about gaining by losing in different ways, mostly spiritual, but the past few years sure gave the phrase a different meaning for me, as you know.


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