Bucket list update

If you haven’t read my original 2012 bucket list, you might want to check it out before reading this post.

For those of you who regularly follow my blog, I thought I’d provide an update to the list so you’d all know that I’m working on it; I really am!

1)      Unfortunately, I have not been able to convince any cement mixer drivers or owners to allow me to operate the truck or even pull the lever releasing the concrete. However, I did convince James to let me pull the level on his friend’s cement mixer when they pour the foundation for the parking pad and sun room we’ll be adding on in the future. So I don’t know when, but it seems that this one’s going to happen!

2)      I’m halfway through my first semester of graduate school, and I currently have all A’s and am fully enjoying my educational endeavor.

3)      I’ve met with the Director of the Ozark Foothills Literacy Project (whom I’d like to volunteer for), and we’ve brainstormed about some fundraising ideas. I’m also planning to officially join the organization as a member this week.

4)      I have focused on building a few friendships with “elevator people,” including two people I work with, an old friend (who is truly my soul sister) who I had neglected to keep in close contact with until the past six months, and an old high school friend (AKA “Bubbles”) who I lost touch with but recently reconnected with thanks to Facebook and my new church. I don’t have much time to invest in hanging out anymore, but I’m still managing to fit friends into my schedule because it matters to me.

5)      I started the Daily Dose of Gratitude blog in February. This was something I’d contemplated before, but I thought I would never find time to post daily. However, I felt that forcing myself to daily chew on the topic of gratitude might really benefit others, and I knew it’d benefit me. And it has. I log in to WordPress every morning, coffee brewing, and hammer something out. If I’m lucky enough to have a guest writer that day, I post the guest writer’s content. In addition to giving me a little break from blogging, the guest writers have given me yet another thing to be grateful for—good people, wonderful mentors, and excellent writers who I’m blessed to call friends. The response to the blog has been encouraging, and if nothing else, it’s starting all my days out on a wonderful, positive, and thankful note.

6)      In order to take better advantage of the beauty of the great outdoors, I’ve taken my dogs on a hike almost every single day since creating my bucket list. Not only are they loving the exploration time (and chance to turn every tree into a urination station), but I’m also getting into better shape slowly but surely. I still have yet to go hiking in three brand new places, but I’ll keep working on that.

7)      I’m thankful to say that I’m still on my streak of spending plenty of time with God reading, praying, and meditating on Scripture. I’m sure my half-pot of coffee habit each morning really does have something to do with the consistency and voracity I’ve managed to maintain.

8)      No word on marrying James Wallace yet. Stay tuned for future announcements.

9)      Because I determined to keep my heart and hands open to God, and because I’ve become willing to let go of so many heavy heart-weights, I’ve never felt lighter in my life. I am completely free. No one has anything over me any longer. It feels good. I’m sleeping better. I rarely worry at all. I’ve let go of old habits that were holding onto me. I’ve found a church that feels like home. I’m living the life I always wanted.

Tonight, James and I had the pleasure of visiting with an elderly couple from our church at their home for a few hours. They loaned me some books to aid in my research for a class I’m taking, and after running the gamut of anecdotes, from hilarious stories to family histories to heartbreaking recounting of losses, the man said to us, “You know, even if I died tonight, I can say I’ve had a great life and a real fun time. And a lot of that is thanks to her.” And he pointed to his wife across the room in her recliner.

“Thumbs’ up to that,” she said.

It seems premature to say, but I feel the same way. If this was the last night I curled up under my warm blankets and fell asleep while thanking God for today’s little miracles and big triumphs, it would be more than enough.

Now that He’s given me this deep peace, every day is a bonus.

My bucket is pretty full.


7 thoughts on “Bucket list update

    1. bethany says:

      I’ve really enjoyed mine this year, and it’s been a good reminder of how to add to life the good things and things God inspires me to do rather than just trudge through without thinking about what matters.


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