Best year ever

Tomorrow is my 33rd birthday. It’s not as significant as turning 16, 21, or 30, at least not in the eyes of the average American, but this is a huge year for me, maybe my best year ever.

Many of you read and commented on my 2012 bucket list. Amazingly, it seems that I might just accomplish every item on the list this year. When I wrote the list, I hoped to cross off as many of those items as possible, but realistically, I didn’t expect to accomplish everything. Turns out, I have exceeded my own expectations.

Well, I guess I haven’t.

But God has.

I have grown to believe that God always goes ahead and plans in love. Notice that I said that I’ve grown to believe this; I have spent the majority of my life seriously doubting, questioning, or tentatively hoping this were true. I’ve discovered that not only does God go before me and plan in love, but He also loves me more than I will ever comprehend. He answers my prayers in ways I find baffling and miraculous. And He brings clarity and light to the most confounded and darkest of times.

“Behold, I am making everything new.” –Revelations 21:5

He wasn’t joking. He’s doing this in my very life.

I will have completed all but two courses toward my Master’s degree by December. I’ve been getting more involved as a volunteer for the Ozark Foothills Literacy Project. My Daily Dose of Gratitude blog has given me an outlet to express my gratitude and has motivated me to maintain a thankful attitude despite shifting moods and changing circumstances. I’ve managed to keep walking and enjoying nature around me even though I’ve been battling multiple pregnancy symptoms that encourage me to park my butt on the couch.

And–I know you guys will be just as excited for me as I am for myself–I may even get to make my spinny truck dream come true this year! We’re hoping to add on to the house soon, and I am determined to pull the lever to release the concrete :).

Best of all, James and I got married April 14th, and we are expecting our brand new spanking new baby in November 2012.

The latter item was not on the list for 2012.

But the mysterious and wonderful thing about God is that He goes ahead and plans in love. He knows exactly what I need when I need it and ensures that I have it.

He really has made everything new for me–and some things from scratch, too :).

5 thoughts on “Best year ever

  1. Planting Potatoes says:

    Happy being born day Bethany! I’m inspired by your bucket list….so inspired in fact, that I might just get one finished before the year is out! 🙂 May God bless you in the coming year!


    1. bethany says:

      Thank you! Doing the bucket list inspired me to keep on focusing on things that matter most to me (and I believe those things are in line with what matters to God, too).


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