Day 3: Dear Zhongguo

I wrote this post as part of my “Dear Gratitude” series during November on my other blog, Daily Dose of Gratitude. Since it’s really personal and covers a topic I haven’t written about often, I thought I’d share it with all of you.

Gratitude Cup

*Today is Day 3 of my “Dear Gratitude” project. I’m not a guest, but I’m serving as today’s writer :). Enjoy.*

Dear Zhongguo,

I met my husband a few years ago at a birthday party which I’d halfheartedly decided to attend. My husband walked into the restaurant casually, the sun streaming in around his silhouette, emphasizing his stature and strength. I sat across the room, sipping a cocktail. When I saw his face, I immediately felt simultaneous surges of excitement and peace. Everything good was in this man. I knew he was for me.

China babyI felt that way about you when I met you for the first time. The moment the Air China plane landed in Yantai, I was taken. I’d never met you before, but I instantly felt connected to you; I fell in love at first sight. Your mountains took my breath away. Your farmers, with only the…

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