My name is Bethany Wallace. I have served as creator/author of this space since 2009.

BethanyWriting is my jam. I started writing stories in first grade. Long, terrible stories fashioned after Babysitter’s Club books. My mom thought I was the best writer on the planet. She was probably wrong, but her encouragement helped me continue writing, and that’s what matters.

I earned a Master of Arts degree in English Language and Literature at Arkansas Tech University and Bachelor of Arts degree in English at Lyon College. When I’m not writing for fun or as a creative and passionate outlet, you might find me helping business owners, nonprofit leaders, and other experts build better workplaces through my consulting business, Bethany Wallace Communications & Consulting. 

I often present research at conferences and have contributed to major publications and recognized podcasts, including Glassdoor, College Recruiter, Zip Recruiter, Job Scan, Flex Jobs, the New York Daily News, Business Tech, Human Resources Online, Life After Teaching, Love Your Story, 10 Minute Mindset, Everyday People, and more. I enjoy sharing both my professional expertise and personal life experiences through public speaking and writing.

I published my first book, a poetry collection, in June 2020, entitled Hindsight 2020: A New and Selected Poems by Bethany Wallace. You can purchase the collection here. Please note that $0.50 of each Kindle edition and $1.00 of each paperbook edition will be donated to The Asservo Project to support sexual assault victims and survivors and to help eradicate the epidemic of sex trafficking.

You can connect with me on social media on LinkedIn and Twitter.