Infinitely in the moment

There’s nothing more touching–or flattering, let’s be honest–than someone writing about you. Recently, a friend of mine had an assignment to write about an “infinite person.” He was able to define the term in his own words, and basically broke it down to mean someone who expresses himself openly, explores the ideas/thoughts of others without passing judgment, welcomes the ideas and feelings of others with an open heart and mind, and has a good soul.

I felt really honored to be defined in these terms. I saved the email (which contained the body of the paper) so that I could reflect on it during times when I don’t feel so infinite or good because–let’s face it–we all have days like those.

Lately, through a lot of self-reflection, personal trials and circumstances, and interactions with others and relationships I’ve formed, God seems to be bringing me back around to the theme of living in the moment over and over again. I know why. I haven’t always been capable of living this way. In the past, I either lived in the past (beating myself up over things I’d done the wrong way and would’ve done differently) or lived in the future (worrying about things that might never even come to fruition).

One of the great ironies I’ve discovered lately is that the more I am able to stay in the moment, the more I’m able to transcend the little irritations and bugs and ticks of life. Forget the bugs and ticks–I’m able to transcend the monumental mountainous hurdles that seem impossible to overcome as well. I’m able to appreciate today, this second, and realize that in due time, in most cases, everything will resolve itself without me doing a single thing about it. Ultimately, the more I’m in the present, the more infinite I feel.

Yesterday I was with someone I admire who closed his eyes and didn’t say a word. I asked him what he was thinking. “Nothing really,” he said. “I’m just enjoying the moment.”

Me too.

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